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Preview Party, Friday, April 24
Opening reception, Saturday
April 25, 1-5pm


" A6A Exhibition " features six Chinese and Asian American artists showcasing their art base on their individual backgrounds, experiences, focus, and style. Connected through art, there is also an ideological connection – which is rare. For example, in a hexagonal structure from natural snow, honeycomb, benzene, etc. there is a similarity to the hexagonal Solomon seal (King Solomon's Seal) which depicts multicultural unity of philosophy. A6A, refers to the Six Arts with its inherent importance of Chinese traditions and its rich cultural heritage dating to pre-Qin and Zhou dynasties with its emphasis on art and calligraphy.
The six artists, three male and three female, yin and yang balance. The ladies are: Wang Jing, Julie Huang and Grace Huang. The men include: Lixiongyi, James Su and Frank Lin.

New work by Misho

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